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School Strikers Won’t Be Stopped: We Will #ClimateStrike for Our Future on March 15

Wednesday 20th February: School students striking for climate action won’t be bullied by conservative media and politicians telling us not to strike from school on March 15 as part of the Global #ClimateStrike.

“We won’t let anyone bully us into staying silent on the greatest threat to our generation: climate change. People’s homes and livelihoods are being destroyed by climate change. The Great Barrier Reef is half dead and yet, we’re expected to sit idle as our politicians fail to take adequate action. This is crazy,” said school striker Doha Khan from South Australia.

"As if a group of adults could make thousands of teenagers do something they didn't want to do. We have not been brainwashed by anyone. We are part of a growing, global movement comprising hundreds of thousands of young people who have the praise of millions of people around the world,” said NSW school striker Ambrose Hayes.

“The majority of Australians want action on climate change, yet we are not seeing this action from our politicians. “As school students we can’t vote, which is why we are striking instead. If our politicians were doing their jobs, we wouldn’t have to do this. We don’t take this lightly,” said Western Australian school striker Aden Kenworthy.

“We have considered our actions deeply. We have the permission and support of our families and communities to strike on March 15. This is our generation taking a powerful stand for our futures,” said NSW school striker Daisy Jeffrey.

“We would rather politicians and newspapers like the Daily Telegraph don’t launch coordinated attacks on school students calling for climate action and instead focus on working with us to stop dangerous climate change,” said Victorian school striker Leo Crnogocervic.

“March 15 is going to be amazing. We will join with hundreds of thousands of school students all around the world to #ClimateStrike for our future. We invite everyone to join us. Climate change is a massive issue and it’s going to take all of us working together to solve it,” concluded Anthony James, Victorian school striker.

Media Enquiries: 0427 485 233 or [email protected]

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