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National Climate Strike

November 17

Find your nearest Strike!

Join us on November 17th! #ShiftThePower

We are currently planning big things for the November 17th National Climate Strike! Save the Date and Stay tuned!


Despite the devastating impacts on climate disasters, such as bushfires, floods and droughts, across the country and the world, disproportionately impacting our rural and regional communities, first nations communities and our Pacific Island neighbours, Labor has continued to listen to their fossil fuel donors instead of the demands of the people.


9 fossil fuel projects aproved in a year? $9 billion in subsides to the fossil fuel industry? Thats Enough Albo!

We are STRIKING to demand Albanese and Plibersek #ShiftThePower away from fossil fuels!

Generate and Download a Doctors Certificate so you can Strike from School here!

Local Group Strikes & Upcoming Actions - Click to RSVP!

All event times are in the local timezone


Friday Nov 17
1pm @ Speakers Corner

No actions near you?

Media Contacts

Actions 4 Student Strikers

Here's what you can do to make this strike as big as possible

1. Put up School Strike 4 Climate posters inside your school!

2. Chalk up the date, place and message of your local upcoming strike in your school!

3. Organsie to speak at your school assemblies or in front of classes about the upcoming strike!

4. Make a post or share the details of the strike on social media and why you are coming!

5. Re-share School Strike 4 Climate social media posts!

6. Get your Climate Doctors Certificate so you can Strike from School on Nov 17!
What you'll need to get word of this strike humming!


Resources for Strikers

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