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MAY 15: Hundreds of thousands of Australians to down pens & tools to confront the climate crisis

No new coal, oil & gas, 100% renewables, $$$ for just transition & jobs.

School strikers are inviting everyone to join them for their biggest #ClimateStrike yet on May 15 to launch the next phase of our fight for climate justice.

Strikes will be listed here as they are organised:

After a brutal summer with unprecedented and tragic bushfires, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are expected to join the Strike to demand urgent climate action from the Federal Government.

This summer an estimated 1 billion animals died, 33 Australians have lost their lives, countless homes and communities have been devastated. We have experienced the first day in recorded history with no rain in mainland Australia. This is only going to get worse.

School Strike for Climate organisers said:

“We are in the grips of a massive climate crisis, but Scott Morrison’s government is burying their head in the sand. Instead of protecting our communities, they are continuing to approve massive new coal, oil & gas projects that are fueling this crisis, destroying lives, health and homes, devastating ecosystems and changing the world as we know it,” said Doha, 18, Adelaide.

Australia has just witnessed the worst fires we’ve ever seen, and our government is still vehemently defending the implicit destruction of the fossil fuel industry. We refuse to comply. It’s time to step up and fight back,” Danielle, 15, Sydney.

“We need action which puts the wellbeing of people and our planet first, and action which honours First Nations people who have been caring for this land for over 60,000 years. We urgently need governments who are committed to:

No new coal, oil and gas, including Adani’s mine

100% renewable energy by 2030

Funding for a just transition and jobs for fossil fuel workers and their communities.

It’s time for Australia to be climate leaders,” Aden, 17, Perth.

“We are tired of seeing the lack of leadership in Parliament and government. These are dire times, and we need leaders, not cowards, to drive us forward to a successful and survivable future. The current government is not displaying even the slightest wink of leadership on climate,” Ashjayeen, 16, Brisbane.

“My home, Nymboida, is scorched. This has to end. There is no convenient time to talk about climate change. The time is now. We need urgent and drastic climate action, I don’t want your ‘thoughts and prayers’. Our hearts ache,” writes Shiann, 18, regional NSW.

“The time is now for climate action. Otherwise, when will be the time? Our leaders appear dedicated to acting on climate change when it is already too late. There is no talk of preventative measures or mitigation,” Ella, 13, Melbourne.

“May 15 is planned to be another colossal effort to wake our snoozing government up to the imminent, and occuring, climate crisis. We’re not asking for much. We’re asking for the bare minimum of leadership from our adults - the bare minimum being a future that your children can actually live in,” Evan, 17, Adelaide.

For now. For the future. #ClimateStrike

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