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Education Minister Tehan, will you join our #ClimateStrike on March 15?

Dear Minister Tehan,

My name is Stella and this Friday 15th of March, myself, along with tens of thousands of students from all over Australia are striking from school to call for urgent action on climate change.

School strikes are happening in almost 60 locations across Australia, most of these regional areas. Globally, students are striking in 100 countries. Endorsed by almost 30 unions,  including the Australian Education Union, we care about climate change. A number of us live in your electorate, and some of us will even be voting in our first Federal Election this May.

As a student, I call upon you to show that you support a safe future for my generation. I call upon you to show that you support clean energy, keeping fossil fuels in the ground where they belong and a world left unscarred by the damage of climate change.

You have the power to make a difference, to protect us and our planet from dangerous climate change. Will you use that power? Will you stand with us on the right side of history?

Will you join us this Friday for our #ClimateStrike?

We looking forward to hearing from you, Stella, 16 years old for the School Strikers 4 Climate Action

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