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As Australia burns, 100s pitch tents outside PM’s house demanding a response to the climate crisis

Thursday 19 December: As bushfires, extreme heat and drought grips Australia, hundreds of parents, children and health professionals have flooded Scott Morrison’s street in Kirribilli and have now pitched tents outside Kirribilli house, demanding a credible plan to tackle the climate crisis.

WHAT: Tent city outside Scott Morrison’s front gate until he shows up to confront the climate crisis.

WHERE: In front of Kirribilli House, 109 Kirribilli Avenue, Kirribilli

WHEN: Thursday 19th December

The PM has been missing in action, but is expected back from a family holiday on Boxing Day. Despite admitting that climate change is playing a role in the bushfire crisis, the Coalition has failed to take any meaningful action on the climate crisis.

Sydney striker Ambrose Hayes, aged 14, said: “We are in the grips of a climate and health crisis, yet Scott Morrison and our government are nowhere to be seen. We are pitching tents outside his house, in solidarity with everyone who has lost their homes and everyone who is losing their futures to this government’s climate inaction.

“There is nothing normal about the fires, heat and drought gripping Australia right now. It is supercharged by climate change, fuelled by the mining and burning of coal and gas, enabled by Scott Morrison and our government.

Dr Rada Germanos, emergency doctor, said: “Our communities are living with the reality of climate crisis in NSW this summer. People’s physical and mental health is suffering under the weight of smoke-filled skies, environmental destruction, and political paralysis on emissions reduction."

“We have known for decades that this time was coming, yet all we have seen from our political leaders is a reinforcement of their relationship to the fossil fuel industry. This negligence from successive governments is killing people, and harming the health of many more, with disadvantaged communities the hardest hit.”

“Healthcare professionals have an obligation to advocate to protect the health of their patients, and we need to be prepared to come out - and stay out - on the streets to make change the only option.”

People intend to hold the space for at least a week, until the PM is slated to return on Boxing Day, and they are demanding that he has a credible climate plan in his return.

This event is being held on the land of the Cammeraygal people. It is stolen land. Sovereignty was never ceded. There can be no climate justice without justice for First Nations people.

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