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10 Reasons to Strike on March 15

We're striking from school on March 15 to call for all politicians to take urgent action to stop the climate crisis. Here's why you should JOIN US....

1. The climate crisis is hurting people now

And the people in power aren’t doing nearly enough to stop it.

2. The Government is telling us not to

Haven’t politicians learnt that telling young people what to do always backfires?!

3. It's an awesome learning opportunity

Our politicians clearly aren’t listening to the educated, so we have to take to the streets to make them. Why should we learn about history and then not be allowed to make history? Activism is learning.

4. It’s going to be massive

Students in dozens of countries are joining. Our families and communities are coming. Unions have endorsed us. Some businesses are even shutting for the day to be there.

5. A federal election is coming up

A federal election is coming in May. Australians are worried about climate change. This is our opportunity to show every politician that we’re gonna make sure climate change determines who governs Australia from now on.

6. Adani is pushing ahead with their mega coal mine & our politicians aren’t stopping them

Coal is the #1 cause of climate change yet our politicians aren’t stopping Adani opening up one of the largest untapped coal reserves on the planet. So we have to take to the streets to make them.

7. We can’t vote yet

We don't get to choose who governs Australia so we’re striking to give our generation a voice instead.

8. People are listening to us, now we need them to act

Last year’s strikes captured Australia’s and the world’s attention. Now we need everyone who supports us to join us in taking action everywhere.

9. Because we get to make more cool signs like this

And who doesn’t love a creative craft sesh with friends?!

10. Because our future depends on it

We, our children and their children, will inherit the dangerous climate impacts that our politicians’ inaction is fuelling and we’re really not cool with that.

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