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10 Reasons to Join our May 3 #ClimateElection Day of Action

A Federal Election is just weeks away but our politicians STILL aren’t treating climate change for what it is - a crisis.

So on Friday May 3, we’re striking at Federal MPs' electorate offices across Australia to demand the action we need: 1. #StopAdani 2. No New Fossil Fuels and 3. 100% Renewables by 2030.

Here's why you should come...

1. The Coalition just ignored scientists and handed Adani their water approvals, bringing them another step closer to digging their outrageous coal mine.

2. Labor just promised a whopping $1.5 billion for massive gas pipelines across

the North of Australia.

3. There’s an election in less than four weeks but our politicians are STILL

playing games with our future.

4. We can’t vote to make our politicians act - so we have to protest instead.

5. Climate impacts will affect us young people the most.

6. Hardly anyone thinks the Government is dealing with climate change properly

(other than the Government)

7. It’s hard to concentrate on school when we’re constantly worrying about our futures…

8. Because this is not about “jobs vs the environment”! Tackling the climate crisis is about looking after people - our homes, livelihoods and futures.

9. Because now our Government won’t even let us give them our honest feedback

about how bad a job they are doing.

10. Because people power can fix this - but we need ALL of you on board to succeed.

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