School Strike 4 Climate Australia

May 15 #ClimateStrike Cancelled due to Coronavirus Risks

In light of: 

  • the serious health risks surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 

  • the overwhelming evidence that early physical distancing is critical for preventing Covid-19’s spread

  • the Government ban on all public events of 500 people or more 

  • the likelihood that the pandemic will continue well beyond May and peak in Australia around August.


School Strike 4 Climate has had to make the difficult decision to cancel the May 15 #ClimateStrike.


The good news is that we are still intending to hold powerful online activities for May 15 and will be in touch about this once the plan has been confirmed.


This applies to anyone holding a Strike, even if you weren’t expecting more than 500 people. We feel the risks are too high to continue under the current circumstances. Further, our insurance does not cover pandemics, so if you decide to hold an event, we will be unable to support you. 


Given the compelling research on the impact of early social distancing, we are also instituting a 30 day ban from Monday 16th March until Wednesday 15th April on all public events associated with School Strike 4 Climate. 

At the core of SS4C is the belief that we listen to the science. And right now, the science is telling us that it is unsafe to hold large gatherings. 


While this is disappointing for everyone who has been working so hard to make the next #ClimateStrike huge, we feel this is the right decision to protect the health of everyone, in particular vulnerable people in our community who are at risk from the virus.


We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. We are thinking of you at this difficult time.


The School Strike 4 Climate Australia Team

We will update this page when more information is released