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Thousands of Students took Climate Demands To Federal MPs’ Doorsteps today with 75 strikes

School students lead calls for climate leadership:

1. #StopAdani, 2. No new fossil fuels, 3. 100% Renewables by 2030

75 strikes have taken place at Federal MP offices across Australia today with over 700 happening globally just days out from the Federal Election.

High quality photos are being uploaded here and videos will be uploaded here

In MELBOURNE, over 1000 students sat down in front of the Liberal Party HQ chanting loudly and holding signs with slogans such as “Scott, 3 strikes and you’re out”, prompting a shut-down of headquarters office. Hundreds of students will head to Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s Office for a colourful rally and march this evening. A dozen strikes took place across Melbourne today.

In SYDNEY, students covered all quarters of the city with 500 students rallying outside Tony Abbott’s electorate office in Manly, over 100 at Scott Morrison’s in the South and 500 made a racket with kazoos at Labor MP Anthony Albanese’s in the Inner-West. After the Manly rally, Warringah students confronted Abbott who told them that climate change is not man-made. A dozen strikes took place across Sydney today.

In BRISBANE, 300 students rallied at Liberal MP Trevor Evans’ office this afternoon after 100 students rocked up at Peter Dutton’s office. A dozen strikes took place across Brisbane.

Thousands turned out across the other capital cities and regional towns. In Perth, 1000 students rallied in the city, 1000 on Parliament Lawns in Hobart, 700 in Adelaide and 500 in Canberra. Over 30 strikes across regional Australia made sure that politicians everywhere know that young people demand climate leadership.

“Today the youth of Australia showed our politicians that we’re not going anywhere. We’re just getting started. We will keep striking and raising our voices until our politicians show the leadership that our generation deserves. That means: 1. Stopping Adani, 2. No new coal, oil or gas and 3. 100% Renewable Energy by 2030.” said 17 year old Ruby Walker, Inverell school striker.

After today, strikers’ will turn their attention to recruiting hundreds of students to turn out on polling booths across the country for election day, calling on all adults to #VoteClimate for their futures.

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