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Students should defy PM’s lecture and strike from school for climate action this week

During question time in Parliament today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned the school strike for climate action that is taking place in 30 cities and towns across Australia this week.

In response to PM Morrison’s comments Sydney School Strike lead organiser Jean Hinchliffe, 14 years old, from Fort Street High in Sydney said:

“Mr Morrison says that he does not support our schools being turned into Parliaments. Well, maybe if the people in our Parliament listened to the science and took action like those of us in school, we wouldn’t have to resort to strike action like this.

“It is as if he expects us to be completely apathetic towards the world and its issues until we reach the age of eighteen, where we are suddenly supposed to become well informed voters with our own developed opinions. This ridiculous idea will not be accepted, and we will continue striking and taking action to show that we are informed, and we aren't going away any time soon.”

“We’re sick and tired of politicians playing politics with our future. We’re striking to say enough is enough. People’s lives are on the line. It’s time to act before it’s too late.”

Melbourne School striker Jagveer Singh, 17 years old, from Hoppers Crossing, said:

“We’ve tried many different ways to deal with climate change ‘outside of school’ but Prime Minister, you have failed to represent us, you have failed to stand up to the climate deniers in your party and you have failed to show courage.

“We will strike this week, we will strike for a safer future, we will strike to demand climate action, we will strike to make our voices heard, regardless of whether or not you like it.”

The school strike for climate action is taking place this Friday in every capital city and over 20 regional towns. Hundreds, maybe thousands of students are expected to walk out of school to demand urgent political action on climate change.

For more information:

Media enquiries: 0427 485 233 or [email protected]

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