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Schools & Parents: Tips & Steps for Supporting the #ClimateStrike

Written by our friends at Australian Parents 4 Climate Action.

This is a list of tips and resources for getting your school community engaged and ready for the Global Climate Strike on Friday September 20. It's aimed primarily at parents.

1. Check in: why are we doing this again?

Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. Australian students are among the leaders of the global movement for change. Now they’re calling for our backing. Let’s support their demands for a cleaner, safer, more just society for our kids. 

2. Gather support

Tap a few other parents/students and ask them to share details of the strike with their networks and work with you to engage the school community. Talk to friendly faces at pick up, any school sustainability or enviro groups and/or someone on School Council or the PFA. If you can’t strike on 20 Sept you can show support in other ways. Have the conversations about why it is worth taking the day off school/work to strike, and how to talk to kids about climate action.

3. Publicise

Get a ‘Save the Date’ notice in the School Newsletter and book in some reminder notices leading up to the strike. Sample text for your newsletter here.  Are there parent FB groups where you can post info about the strike? Ready-made posters and flyers here or consider making your own using kids drawings!  See if your kids want to hand out flyers at the local shops or playground, or go on poster-sticking-up missions around the neighbourhood. Also let people know about any local kinder contingent for families with smaller kids.

4. Liaise

It’s a good idea to write to the school principal to let them know that some families will be striking on the day – there’s a simple template letter here. It’s helpful too if you can have informal conversations with teachers to ask if they could avoid scheduling excursions/special activities on 20 September.

5. Connect

Let your school community know about local banner making events or run your own event. It could be making posters/signs/banners or plotting/making costumes or practicing a song to sing together. Register and connect with other parent communities. If you know people at other schools, ask if their school has a contingent going. Forward them this email or encourage them to register or contact School Strike 4 Climate.

6. Plan & Get excited!

What is your logistics plan for travelling from school to the strike? Share your plan in the school newsletter or posters at the school gates - plus tips on what to bring (water, food, signs, sunscreen etc) – example here. Offer a few different transport options. Choose a meeting spot and time so that people can travel in together, and/or meet in town. Don’t forget to take photos and post them on the Australian Parents for Climate Action FB page and socials & School Strike 4 Climate FB page and socials using #ClimateStrike.

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