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School Students Strike at Josh Frydenberg’s Office Signalling Climate will define Federal Election

Castlemaine school students strike outside Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's office

School Students Strike Outside Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s Office Urging Government to protect young people’s future by keeping fossil fuels in the ground

Melbourne, 28th February: School students from Central Victoria, who started the Australian school strike movement, went on strike outside Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s office today, calling on the Federal Government to #StopAdani and get on with moving Australia beyond all fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy.

“We’re fed up with our politicians not taking climate change seriously. The climate crisis is hurting so many people already, with worsening droughts and fires and floods. If we don’t act now, that will only get worse. Burning coal is the biggest contributor to the climate crisis and yet our Government is happy for coal billionaires like Adani to dig one of the biggest coal mines in the world. It’s insane!” said Milou Albrecht, 14 years old, from Castlemaine.

“Josh Frydenberg has children. Doesn’t he realise his Party is jeopardising their futures? Our movement is exploding in size. We may not be able to vote but our parents can and we are going to make sure that climate change is the number one issue this election. ” said Harriet O’Shea Carre, 14 years old from Castlemaine.

The strikers were joined by the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance who have been protesting regularly outside the Treasurer’s office for over 2 years calling on his government to #StopAdani.

The students are striking from school every Friday ahead of the March 15 Global #ClimateStrike which will see school students in 40 countries join with adult supporters to strike for the day to demand urgent climate action from their political leaders.

Media Enquiries: 0427 485 233 [email protected]

Photos from the strike can be found here

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