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School Strike Urges Senate to Oppose Ensuring Integrity Bill

This week, Scott Morrison’s union-busting Ensuring Integrity Bill is expected to go to a vote in the Senate.

This Bill is extreme, unnecessary, and will make it harder for workers to win pay rises, protect their jobs and champion a just transition to a low carbon future. The secretly negotiated amendments with Centre Alliance do little to protect workers and their unions from unfair fines, disqualifications and de-registrations.

Meanwhile the Morrison Government is doing nothing to stop criminal banks and unethical employers who steal workers wages, disproportionately affecting young people.

If passed, this Bill will see Australia more aligned with an authoritarian regime than a modern democratic country .

School strikers wholeheartedly condemn this Bill and everything it stands for.

The climate crisis is and will continue to disproportionately impact upon working class people. Workers deserve more rights, not fewer.

Australia is in the middle of an unprecedented and completely unplanned energy transition coupled with extreme weather events resulting in job losses and communities being left behind. If this Government passes laws to silence unions, who will speak up for secure jobs and decent wages in the energy transition?

School strikers stand in solidarity with the union movement in its work to build a more equitable society and the fight for a Just Transition to the jobs and industries of a low carbon economy that serves the people and our planet instead of rich multinational corporations and billionaires.

This week’s vote will be determined by Senators on the cross-bench. To every cross-bencher, we say: please vote to support Australian workers and vote against this damaging Bill.

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