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School Strike 4 Climate’s Commitment to Nonpartisanship

Canberra strikers meet with Wayne Swan to outline the school strike demands.

Tuesday 5th March: As our grassroots network grows, a number of politicians and political parties are contacting us.

In response, we want to re-affirm that the School Strike 4 Climate Network is and always will be 100% non-partisan.

This means our network is not and never will be influenced by, affiliated with or funded by any political party.

As a grassroots student-led network, part of our mission is to compel all politicians and parties to take the action needed to stop dangerous climate change and to treat this situation for what it is: a crisis that requires everyone’s urgent attention and collaboration to resolve.

We expect all politicians and parties to rise above their differences and work together to get Australia to zero emissions by no later than 2030, by:

1. Stopping Adani’s coal mine in 2019

2. Committing to no new coal and gas projects

3. Transitioning Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

All of these goals are fully achievable. The only thing holding us back is a lack of political will.

Our role is to work with others in the movement to show our politicians that not only can these goals be achieved, they must be achieved.

The impacts of climate change are already with us and are continuing to intensify every day that we fail to act. It is us, our children and their children that will inherit the impacts of this political failure. None of us deserve this. It is time to stop playing politics on climate change. This is about survival and justice, so let’s get going.

To read more about us, checkout the about page on our website.

With hope, respect and thanks,

The school strikers for climate action

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