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Not Again Scomo!


This week, Scott Morrison did the unthinkable. He chose the profit that coal companies give his government over the future of entire countries and their people. Again.

This isn’t the first time Scott Morrison’s government has put profit over livelihoods. Remember a few months back when they waved through Adani’s approvals with little to no consultation of the public? 

While this may seem small, it is huge. The mining and burning of Australian coal is fueling dangerous climate change which is raising sea levels and hurting our friends in the Pacific first and worst. Did you know that when our PM refused to sign up to the Pacific carbon agreement, the Tongan Prime Minister cried? This is how much it means to them.

On behalf of all Australians, we sincerely apologize to our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Islands. Scott Morrison does NOT represent or speak for us. We will never give up on the fight for climate justice. 

Together, let's make our voices heard. 

See you on the streets!

In Solidarity,

The School Strikers For Climate Action

P.S. Show you stand with the Pacific by sharing this photo from one our Queensland strikers. 

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