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Where's Scott Morrison protest, Kirribilli, 9 am 19/12/2019

Wednesday 18 December: As a dangerous heatwave sweeps Australia, bushfires continue to rage and towns run out of water, hundreds of Sydneysiders will converge on Scott Morrison’s Kirribilli residence tomorrow morning to demand immediate climate action to avert further damage:

  1. No new coal, oil and gas projects, including Adani’s coal mine.

  2. 100% renewables by 2030.

  3. Funding for a just transition for fossil fuel workers.

Scott Morrison is currently overseas on holiday with his family. 

Liora Ballin, mother-of-two and spokesperson for Australian Parents for Climate Action said, “The bushfires, heat and drought gripping Australia is not normal – it is being supercharged by climate change, fuelled by the mining and burning of coal and gas, and enabled by Scott Morrison and the Federal Government.” “Our future is going up in smoke. We urgently need bold, urgent climate action including fast-tracking 100% renewable energy with investment in a just transition for coal-affected workers and communities.”

Emergency doctor Rada Germanos said,  “Our communities are living with the reality of climate crisis in NSW this summer. People’s physical and mental health is suffering under the weight of smoke-filled skies, environmental destruction, and political paralysis on emissions reduction. We have known for decades that this time was coming, yet all we have seen from our political leaders is a reinforcement of their relationship to the fossil fuel industry.“ “This negligence from successive governments is killing people, and harming the health of many more, with disadvantaged communities the hardest hit. Healthcare professionals have an obligation to advocate to protect the health of their patients, and we need to be prepared to come out - and stay out - on the streets to make change the only option.”

Parents, children, health professionals and bushfire survivors will stand outside Kirribilli house to speak about their experience of the fires, deliver messages and demand action. Impacted individuals are available for comment.

WHEN: 9:00-10:00 Thursday 19 December

WHERE: outside Kirribilli House, 109 Kirribilli House Kirribilli

WHAT: Hundreds of parents, children, bushfire survivors & health professionals gather with signs, pots and pans, and binoculars to search for Scott Morrison’s absent leadership on the bushfires and demand urgent climate action. Banner with climate message for Scott Morrison

Background: Tomorrow’s action comes after 20,000 Sydneysiders flooded Town Hall last Wednesday, hundreds of primary school students and childrens mobilised around dangerous air quality on Thursday and 15,000 people sat down in solidarity with the bushfires in 60+ locations across Australia on November 29. Scott Morrison admits climate change is playing a role in the bushfires yet continues to do nothing to tackle the climate crisis, telling people to stay calm and enjoy the cricket.

Media enquiries: 0455 111 593

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