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Deputy PM Tells Strikers to Stay In School: Strikers say: Not til you take urgent climate action

Echoing the Federal and NSW Education Ministers earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has just repeatedly told students to stay in school and not strike to demand urgent climate action. Full recording from Question Time here.


Responding to the Deputy Prime Minister's remarks, 15 year old Sydney School Striker Jean Hinchliffe said:

“The Deputy Prime Minister asks who will be looking after kids whilst we are protesting, forgetting to question who will be looking after our generation's futures.

“If you truly do care so much about us children, you should be taking drastic action to rectify the climate crisis.

“As young people, we are informed about climate change and the severe impacts it will have on our lives. To us, it is obvious that the hours spent in class will ultimately be fruitless on a planet devastated by climate change.

“We can see that our politicians refuse to listen to the educated, so why should we be sitting in history class when we could be on the streets making history itself?

“On March 15th, young people will once again show that we are determined to take our futures back from the climate wreckers. We call on all Australian workers and students to strike with us for a safer future,” said Hinchliffe.

For more information about March 15:

The school strikers demands of politicians are:

1. Stop Adani's coal mine

2. No new coal or gas projects

3. 100% renewable energy by 2030

Media Enquiries: 0427 485 233 or [email protected]

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