What are our demands?

In the face of the current economic crisis, we are calling for: No public funds for gas and other damaging fossil fuel projects. Instead, recovery funds should be spent on: 1. Resourcing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led solutions that guarantee land rights and care for country 2. The creation of jobs that Fastrack solutions to the climate crisis and help communities recover 3. Projects that transition our economy and communities to 100% renewable energy by 2030, through expanded public ownership.

Who is organising this event?

This mobilisation is being led by First Nations communities affected by gas expansion and the School Strike 4 Climate movement, and is supported by other organisations in the environment & union movements. There will be opportunities for other organisations, businesses and partners to support through this work by mobilising their members and through in-kind support, promotion etc.

Why are you focussing on Gas?

The Morrison Government via the COVID-19 Commission are pushing for a gas led economic recovery to the COVID-19 crisis. See more in Stephen Long’s 15min podcast and in this Guardian Article. The podcast talks through just how badly the commission is stacked by big gas stooges. The leaked Covid Commission report calls for: - Under the guise of “Manufacturing taskforce” massive investment in GAS: Government underwriting of gas projects, new pipelines, new onshore and offshore gas and shale fracking developments - Taxpayers to pay for most of it to the tune of billions of dollars in subsidies to gas and fossil fuel companies This report from the Climate Council outlines why Gas is dangerous for the climate and communities, expensive and unnecessary. This analysis from The Australia Institute and Australian Conservation Council shows how using Covid-19 recovery funds to subsidise the gas industry would create few jobs while increasing emissions and locking in higher energy prices.

Isn’t this a reckless thing to do during a Pandemic?

Covid-19 has emphasised the inequalities that already existed in our society. Across the world, First Nations peoples, people of colour, and working class folks have faced disproportionate health and economic impacts from the pandemic. Calling for climate justice means calling for justice for these communities, including during this time. The current economic crisis presents a once in a generation opportunity to reboot our economy and to decide what our future will look like. We must use this opportunity to build a future we can all thrive in by creating clean jobs that care for country, climate and our communities. Right now, the government is planning to spend billions of dollars on business-as-usual handouts for the fossil fuel industry, locking us into decades of further climate impacts. We cannot let this moment pass us by. We will not remain silent when this money could be funding ambitious projects to transition the economy. We’ve seen governments respond to this health threat with swift, strong, science-based actions. The biggest single threat to our future is climate change - this is how our decision makers should respond to the climate crisis, too. We also recognise our responsibility to organise actions that are safe, in line with government restrictions, and protect our most vulnerable communities. Actions will need to be organised in line with current safety restrictions due to Covid-19. The national organising team will keep across the latest Covid-19 restrictions and provide event organisers with any updates and advice relevant for their area as they become available. The current restrictions are outlined here.

How can I support this event?

Head to www.schoolstrike4climate.com/buildourfuture to RSVP for or register an event. If you can offer practical support or would like to sign up as a supporting organisation, email [email protected]

How are you funded?

All of our work relies upon volunteers generously giving their time. Costs incurred by our strikes or actions (E.g. sound gear, banner materials, software etc) are covered through pro-bono and in-kind contributions from friends and supporters, however the costs are very minimal. We have set up this crowdfunder that you can contribute to. You can donate to us by visiting ss4c.info/donate.

Are adults welcome at these events?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage adults to attend with us. We need all of society mobilised to confront the climate crisis with courage, hope and power.
If you are an adult and you would like to host an event - you can do so by registering it on the website and we will connect you with any students in your area so you can collaborate.

Is this another Global Strike?

September 25 is the last day of school for many states and territories and is within the school holidays in Victoria and Queensland. So that means not everyone will be striking. That’s why we are calling it a National Day of Action.
This date also coincides with an international day of global action through the Fridays for Future network. Young people around the world will be standing up to demand a covid recovery that puts the climate and their future first.

What is happening on September 25?

On September 25, School students, led by First Nations people, and supported by workers, are inviting everyone to join us for a National Day of Action - Build our Future: Climate Justice & Jobs. To unify our message across the country we’re recommending a theme of Human Signs to Selfies! That way we can scale our actions to suit Covid-19 restrictions in different regions. - Selfies - If you are in lock down and can’t join with others then you will be able to take part online with a selfie! - Human Signs - If you can come together in your community we want you to spell out our key message for politicians with a big Human Sign! We’re encouraging everyone to use this message for their signs/selfies: FUND OUR FUTURE NOT GAS You could do this in a school, at home, in town... whatever works best for you and your community! For more information or questions about the events, including support available for hosts, see our Starter Pack for organisers.

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