We need climate action, not just thoughts and prayers.

The problem

The mining and burning of coal and gas is fuelling dangerous climate change and supercharging deadly bushfires which are devastating people’s health, safety, homes and work. Without action to turn this around, it will only get worse, yet our Government is nowhere to be seen. All they have to offer are their thoughts, prayers, and more coal and gas.

The solution

Scientists, indigenous leaders and fire chiefs repeatedly warned our government that this would happen, but their warnings have been ignored. To tackle this spiralling crisis, we need increased support for Indigenous land management and the Rural Fire Service and we need real and urgent climate action.

What you can do


to one of the many bushfire recovery efforts, such as the Red Cross.


Read our bushfire conversation guide to talk with friends, family and colleagues.


Check out ways to show your support for fire relief and call for systematic change.


Send us photos and stories to share at [email protected] Use #ThisIsNotNormal and #ThisIsClimateChange

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