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We’re living through times of unprecedented crisis, climate change, deadly bushfires and now a global pandemic destroying lives and livelihoods.


While our Government rushes to protect some of our communities from COVID 19, they continue to leave many people behind, protecting mining companies and coal, oil and gas projects that threaten our collective future. 


In these times of crisis, we need to come together to build hope and a vision for a better, fairer future and show leadership in our communities needed to make it happen. 

Together in our local communities we will collectively create a vision for the future, and a list of the things we need to stop and the things we need to get started on to set us in the right direction. 


Together we will hear from those impacted by the climate crisis and the COVID pandemic, and in our communities collectively create a vision for the future we need, one that leaves no one behind. Then we will make sure our politicians hear our message loud and clear. 

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